Arrow denies Chinese military connection

Arrow has denied Chinese military connections after one of its subsidiaries was named and shamed in a draft sanctions document by the US government.

One of the distie’s Asian units, Arrow Asia Pac, has found itself on Donald Trump’s list of outfits requiring US businesses apply for a licence before they can export certain products to firms listed.

Arrow’s subsidiary appears in the document as a “military end user” but the distie has denied any links to the Chinese military and called its inclusion on the list, which is yet to be formalised, an error.

“We have been in contact with the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) concerning the draft rule, and BIS has assured us that any the final list will be vetted carefully prior to publication in the Federal Register. We are confident that Arrow Asia Pac Ltd. will not be listed as a military end user, when BIS publishes the final rule.”