Workforce lacks the tech it needs

A study released today by Skedulo on the state of the deskless workforce and its use of technology found that this area of the workforce doesn’t have the technology it needs to adequately complete their jobs while in the field.

While deskless workers make up 80 percent of the global workforce, or 2.7 billion people, only 39 percent of company tech leaders say their deskless workers have a purpose-built platform made for deskless workers.

This means that these workers are left using multiple tools/applications to complete their jobs —  all CIOs admit their deskless staff must use at least two software tools to enable their daily workflows, and 43 percent say they’re using three or more. Additionally, 86 percent of respondents  said their deskless workers are hindered and less efficient due to the lack of proper technology than their desk-based counterparts.

You can see the full report here