Vortex 6 offers complimentary monitoring to V6 Fusion clients

Vortex 6 is offering its V6 Fusion clients a complimentary Monitoring Service which will run until 30 September 2020.

The Monitoring Service will support clients in the management and optimisation of their Cisco Partner Program Compliance and VIP Rebates. Staying on top of the Cisco programs and the rewards offered is even more important now and Vortex 6 is urging customers to remain diligent.

This Monitoring Service will be delivered by experts in all aspects of Cisco’s programmes. It includes providing reports and action plans to partners enabling them to take advantage of the VIP Rebate, while still meeting the requirements of the Cisco Partner Program.

“The Monitoring Service we are offering Cisco Partners that use V6 Fusion will enable them to focus on adapting to this new environment and give them confidence that their Cisco Partner status and profitability is optimised”, said Peter Olive, CEO at Vortex 6.

He added: “The majority of the partners we work with are seeing a significant increase in demand for collaboration and security solutions required for remote working. V6 Fusion and our Monitoring Service will allow partners to break free of the day to day management of programs and give them all the information they need to be confident that they can meet this surge in demand.