Ultima snaps up AntiSocial Engineer

Ultima has  expanded its cybersecurity business by writing a cheque for the AntiSocial Engineer.

AntiSocial Engineer provides cybersecurity services, ironically including social engineering and penetration testing assessments.

Ultima says the Barnsley-based firm uses online security training and auditing services to ensure businesses “do all they can to protect against the wave of sophisticated online attacks conducted by nefarious social engineers”.

Ultima CEO Scott Dodds said: “It strengthens our security expertise and will further help us protect our clients’ digital revenue and reputation round-the-clock and deliver better value to them.”

Richard De Vere, founder and owner of The AntiSocial Engineer, said the acquisition is an “exciting new phase” for the team and is “looking forward” to the transition.

He said: “I am confident that the acquisition will enable us to serve our existing clients better and our continued growth will be nurtured by Ultima’s experience in business.

“This is an exciting new phase for our team. We can bring the experiences and lessons learnt through our unique testing and stimulations to a wider global audience and ensure Ultima’s clients are benefiting from the increased resilience we strive for.