UK businesses go-slow over emerging tech

Big snail in Old TaipeiA quarter of UK businesses are overwhelmed by emerging technology, according to research from CompTIA.

A quarter of the 1,500 global business and technology professionals cited budget constraints, risk aversion and feeling “overwhelmed” with options that are causing some organisations to go-slow.

While 46 percent of respondents viewed emerging tech positively and 25 percent expressed equal parts excitement and fear towards it.

The Internet of Things and big data are the areas most are focused upon.

Tim Herbert, executive vice president for research and market intelligence at CompTIA said: “The ingredients for innovation have never been more accessible, and tech hubs can now be found in nearly every corner of the globe. While the research points to momentum on many fronts, there remains much work to be done in helping businesses and workers navigate the path ahead.”

UK spending on hardware, services and software is predicted to hit £145 billion in 2020, with 86 per cent of UK companies turning to outside providers to help them, with repair and maintenance, software development, consulting, cybersecurity and data and analytics among the most commonly outsourced services.

Nearly three quarters of respondents said they got a good return on investment from their tech expenditure.

Two major concerns for businesses highlighted by CompTIA were cybersecurity and workforce challenges.

It cautioned that the projected high growth rates for emerging technologies in the coming years will require businesses to re-evaluate their approaches to cybersecurity, as 31 percent of respondents described their security approach as “adequate or unsatisfactory”.