TruStack reports £9 million revenue

TruStack has reported revenue of £9 million in the face of a “challenging” first year.

The MSP was formed in July last year by merging Pivotal Networks PCI Services and SITS Group. Since then the company has increased its staff from 44 to 53.

Phil Cambers, TruStack’s commercial director said there was no way of knowing the challenges that it and almost all other businesses would be facing in the coming 12 months.

He said that by adapting to the change of working conditions, and continued to provide the high level of service our clients expect. This has not only been reflected in our revenue figures but also in the fact that we have been able to grow the company.

Since the merger, TruStack has completed “hundreds of projects” with companies in the North East, as well as national organisations, including the National History Museum.

Cambers added that the revenue is a testament to the company’s ability to adapt to changing circumstances, as well as supporting its customers to do the same.