Thursday ends on Sunday. Endeavour ends, maybe

A popular light entertainment programme on ITV will end tomorrow, the broadcaster claims.

But there are doubts about whether ITV’s Endeavour, the story of a young detective in Oxford called Morse, will close the curtains on a highly successful money maker. The last episode of the show will be shown on the telly tomorrow night, at eight PM.

Inspector Morse was dubbed “Endeavour” because he came from a Quaker family. The current actor playing the cop is Shaun Evans, pictured from Wikipedia.

Morse’s  boss in the the current series is a friendly chap called Thursday who smoked something called a pipe, containing the deadly substance tobacco, which may be injurious to your health.

Endeavour Morse never smoked during the series but appears to have developed what is known in 2023 as a “drink problem”.  The different series – Morse, Lewis and Endeavour, portray a troubled police man who didn’t mind a pint or three but could never get on good terms with women.

Morse had an obsessive compulsive condition of generating cross words.

For the last thirty years the franchise has generated millions for ITV and has generated a lot of money for Oxford with tourists coming to see the “screaming squires”.

Many tourists will have gone for a beer or two in the different pubs shown in the series. Many were shuttered, as our American cousins have it, in the lock down.

Tourists may well have been disappointed when they arrive that while the ancient colleges are still in place and multiplying, the producers of the popular series always neglect to show the architectural abominations and restrictions City planners have imposed.

And there are serious doubts about a period in Morse’s life between the age of when he was an optimistic soul and turned into Mr Grumpy with white hair and an attitude problem against his junior compadre, Lewis.Ψ