Sony still reeling from cyber hit

North Korea flagCyber attackers who hit Sony with a new breed of virus have caused the corporation so much grief that it is still attempting to recover from the damage.

Reuters has seen an internal Sony memo that said the entertainment unit has admitted a large amount of confidential data was stolen by the attackers, ranging from business info to personal data.

Proof of the success of the attack has emerged with unreleased Sony films emerging on the internet including a forthcoming musical called Annie, scheduled for release on the 19th of December.

And employees have been given new PCs to work with because the virus wiped all the data from their old ones and made them inoperative.

Reuters said it believes the attack only affected machines using Microsoft’s Windows software – Apple machines were impervious to the attack.

North Korea is still believed to be one of the main suspects in the attack – last June the government of the autocracy complained to the UN that a thinly veiled satire on its youthful leader was an outrage.