Snyk has Fugue

Security outfit Snyk has snapped up cloud security and compliance company Fugue.

The outfit claims the buy will allow it to enter the cloud security market. Fugue claims to protect the entire cloud development lifecycle—from infrastructure as code through the runtime—with the same platform and the policies across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

Snyk highlighted Fugue’s Unified Policy Engine which connects cloud posture back to configuration code, using one set of policies in order to manage compliance and security throughout the entirety of the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

Snyk claims its customers will be the first to benefit from an “unmatched feedback loop”, allowing developers to secure their code before deployment, maintain its secure integrity while running, and better understand the precise places to provide fixes back in the code.

Snyk CEO, Peter McKay said the two companies will reimagine what cloud security can and should look like for today’s modern DevSecOps teams, ensuring more secure innovation can flourish worldwide.

The acquisition of Fugue is Snyk’s fifth in the last 18 months, following the integrations of CloudSkiff, FossID, Manifold and DeepCode.