SMBs more likely to grow if they have a cloud

SMBs running clouds are more likely to be growing by more that five percent than those without one, according to a report issued by Amazon Web Services.

The quantitative study was carried out by Public First on the use and benefits created by AWS’s services for SMB organisations across the UK. In order to develop the research, AWS and Public First consulted with multiple leading academic experts. Key findings include:

• Business growth: companies running on the cloud are nearly three times as likely to be growing over five percent a year than those who are not. Moreover, businesses that used more than three cloud tools were twice as likely to be growing as businesses that use none.
• Sustainability: moving a company’s IT workload to the AWS cloud reduces its carbon footprint by 88per cent – in total, the carbon footprint reduction amongst AWS’s UK customers is equivalent to planting an extra 400 million trees. [Well not really, Ed.]
• Regional productivity and wages: if organisations in the North-East deployed cloud technology to the same extent that London ones do, they could enjoy a productivity boost and a pay rise of 2.6 per cent – or £1.4 billion.