Server market revenue grows

The worldwide server market revenue grew 19.8 percent year over year in the second quarter of 2020, according to new figures from IDC.

The analyst outfit says revenue reached $24 billion in 2Q20.

Meanwhile, worldwide server shipments grew 18.4 percent  year over year to 3.2 million units in 2Q20.

Volume server revenue was up 22.1 per cent  to $18.7 billion, while midrange server revenue declined 0.4 percent  to about $3.3 billion and high-end systems grew by 44.1 percent  to $1.9 billion.

IDC Senior research analyst, Infrastructure Platforms and Technologies Paul Maguranis said that Global demand for enterprise servers was strong during the second quarter of 2020. 

“We certainly see areas of reduced spending, but this was offset by investments made by large cloud builders and enterprises targeting solutions that support shifting infrastructure needs caused by the global pandemic”, he said.

“Investments in Asia/Pacific were also particularly strong, growing 31 percent  year over year.”

The worldwide server market ended 2Q20 with a statistical tie for the number one position.

HPE/New H3C Group finished the quarter with market share of 14.9 percent  while Dell Technologies captured a 13.9 percent  share of worldwide revenues.

Inspur/Inspur Power Systems took third place with 10.5 percent  share and an impressive 77 percent  year-over-year growth. Lenovo and IBM tied for fourth with 6.1 percent  and six percent  share, respectively.

The ODM Direct group of vendors accounted for 28.8 percent  of total server revenue at $6.9 billion with year-over-year growth of 63.4 percent  and delivered 34.4 percent  of all units shipped during the quarter.