Security channel needs to better educate SMEs

Kaspersky research has found that the security channel has its work cut out for it convincing SMEs about the need to improve their data protection.

In a report, Kaspersky revealed that 47 percent of UK businesses expected to be attacked at some point in the next two years and more than found that 65 percent were prepared to admit that their organisations were complacent about protecting customer data.

That left users in various states of vulnerability with the risks that they could be breached higher than they should be. The costs of a problem were not only financial but would include longer-term brand damage that would be a major problem for SMEs.

Kaspersky principal security researcher David Emm said: “Being complacent with cybersecurity, and customer data, can be incredibly costly. Along with losing sensitive information, a data breach affects business revenues, customer confidence and reputations.”

The vendor also found that more than half of those it surveyed did not have a cyber security policy in place. That ratio increased to 71 percent in mid-sized firms.

“There have been many examples in recent years of household brands suffering data breaches, showing that even the most renowned businesses are at risk. For many organisations, the ramifications of a breach could be irreversible. This is why we urge businesses and organisations of all sizes to adopt robust cybersecurity policies, taking expertise where needed to ensure they have the best preventative measures in place”, said Emm.