SecureAge opens shop in UK

Singapore security outfit SecureAge Technologies is expanding into the UK .

The Singapore-based company – the preferred data security partner for the Singapore government and military – claims it provides 100 percent, transparent file-level encryption to protect all information at rest, in use and in motion.

Even if a home worker goes ‘rogue’ or a laptop is lost or stolen and the username and password compromised, SecureAge claims it ensures that it is still not possible to access or exfiltrate data.

The new UK business is headed up by technical director Nigel Thorpe and sales director Nick Maslen, who has worked with the likes of Silent Circle, General Dynamics, InfoBlox and IBM. “With the current COVID-19 pandemic causing global chaos, the need for businesses to enable more people than ever before to work from home securely, has put the spotlight on data security”, said Thorpe. “Home working increases the chances of theft or the accidental loss of sensitive data by employees. Our flagship enterprise encryption solution, SecureData, ensures that lost or stolen data is useless because it cannot be decrypted once it is outside the control of the organisation.”

It’s claimed that while persistent encryption inherently protects data, SecureAge’s ‘process execution control’ blocks malware, ransomware and keyloggers. “Rather than taking the conventional approach of identifying bad stuff then blocking it, SecureAge simply blocks all previously unknown processes”, said Thorpe. “Keyloggers attempting to steal your corporate VPN passwords simply don’t stand a chance.”

Dr. Teow-Hin Ngair, Founder and CEO at SecureAge, said: “Our ability to protect all of the information all of the time – at rest, in use and in motion – is well-proven through collaboration with the government and military of Singapore, as well as with government offices in Tokyo and Hong Kong, which depend on our technology to prevent the compromise of extremely sensitive data. Following the opening of our US offices last year, we are now focused on positioning SecureAge in the UK, initially focusing on core markets such as government, finance and energy.”