Scality supported on VMware vSphere

Scality announced that Scality ARTESCA lightweight, cloud-native object storage software is now officially supported on VMware vSphere/ESXi virtualisation environments.

This provides production-level ARTESCA virtual machine (support for vSphere users, with functionality equal to that on physical servers, along with additional deployment flexibility, it claimed.

Enterprise-grade storage has historically required hardware with integrated processing, memory and disk capacity.  ARTESCA apparently gets away from all that to support production-level workloads on flexible, commonly used VMware vSphere virtual infrastructures including support for VMware vSAN and live migration capabilities.

Paul Speciale, chief marketing officer, Scality, said: “Ongoing supply chain disruptions hamper business goals and growth. We’re supporting ARTESCA software-based object storage on VMWare’s ubiquitous vSphere environment to offer a solution that bypasses current supply conditions by eliminating new hardware requirements. Companies can move forward with the data storage and management they need.”