SBL to be renamed as boxxe

SBL is to be renamed ‘boxxe‘ 12 months after Phil Doye bought the York-based reseller.

SBL used to be known as Software Box so the name change is a step towards that.

Doye has been telling the world+dog that SBL’s rebranding was accelerated by COVID-19, which he said has underlined the importance technology plays in keeping businesses afloat.

He said that COVID-19 had changed everything. And when we come out of this, we’ll remain permanently changed as a business and he wanted the change to be for the better, he indicated.

“Our new branding recognises our history but embraces the future. It is young, dynamic, forward-looking and supports our intentions to innovate within our own market”, he said.

Doye has spent the past year “laying the foundations” to enter the corporate market, according to the company, which was founded in 1987.

The name and new brand will officially launch on 1 September.