Saudi to spend $37 billion on IT

Flag of Saudi ArabiaIncreased adoption of the hybrid cloud model by Saudia Arabian enterprises and organisations mean spend in the country on services and IT will hit $36.95 billion next year.

IDC said that of that spend, IT services will represent the biggest chunk as chief information officers (CIOs) begin to look to hybrid cloud systems.

Other areas which will drive the IT spend up include mobility, analytics and social networking, said IDC.  Abdulaziz Al-Helayyil, a regional director at the market intelligence compan, said: “The expanding use of applications, mobile devices, social media, and other technologies will result in an explosion of data within many Saudi organisations.”

That means many will also spend on storage infrastructure, data mining and analytics.

Saudi Arabia has a “smart city” initiative and government bodies, telecoms companies on others will look  to different methods to achieve their IT goals.

It’s estimated that there will be 16 million smartphones in the country by the end of next year, with a 28 percent in LTE device shipments.

Saudi Arabia has a polution of over 27 million people. Its estimated GDP for 2013 was $927.8 billion.