SAP rejects Microsoft merger

sapbeerThe German outfit  which makes expensive esoteric business software and no-one really knows what it does, has decided that it will not allow itself to become part of the glorious Microsoft Empire.

Rumours were flying that SAP was to merge with Microsoft as both of them try to corner the business software market.

However it looks like the German software maker SAP will remain an independent company in the long term, its chief executive told a German newspaper.

Bill McDermott told weekly Euro am Sonntag that it would be best for the company to stay independent is to grow and to have a good market capitalisation.

With a market capitalisation of $86.6 billion, SAP is the fifth-largest company in Germany’s large cap DAX index.

Apparently, SAP had held talks about a potential merger with software giant Microsoft but discussions were scrapped because of the complexity of any deal and the subsequent integration of the companies. All this happened in 2004, so it appears that this rumour was a bit like us – rather elderly but for some reason will not go away.