Planning future SAP strategies falling behind

A report released by SAP outfit Avantra and its research partner ASUG  reveals organisations are spending more than twice as much time executing on their current SAP strategies than planning for the future.

ASUG conducted an independent survey to identify drivers in the SAP operations market, understand SAP-centric enterprise operational challenges, explore challenges in digital transformation, and uncover the tools and technologies enterprise leaders need to solve these challenges.

The study revealed:

  • Organisations are spending more than twice as much time executing current strategies (67 per cent) than planning for the future (33 percent),
  • The number of self-identified innovators (organisations that spend more of their time innovating than executing) is only 13 percent, while the number of self-identified executor organisations is 67 percent; and
  • 74 percent of respondents rate their IT operations department as somewhat or extremely willing to adopt new technologies.

Avantra  John Appleby, Chief Executive Officer, said: “At one point, implementing SAP was the definition of innovation and digital transformation; however the cost of keeping these systems running has become a major cost for many organisations.  The findings from this report show that it is imperative that companies use automation to drive down the cost of running enterprise software so they can become more agile, innovative and deliver business value.”

The SAP landscape, over the last few years, has become increasingly complex making it a major factor when it comes to organisations spending more time trying to ‘keep the lights on’ rather than innovating and driving business transformation.

ASUG Vice President of Content Strategy and Research, Ann Marie Gray said: ” It’s clear that the SAP customers who participated in this study are committed to delivering the value of innovation to their organisations. But we learned that they struggle with the complexity of maintaining those systems, along with constraints such as a lack of resources to run their SAP environments. We not only identified the factors that are holding these customers back, but also the factors that are propelling some organisations toward achieving their innovation goals.”

In partnership with ASUG, Avantra will host a webinar, delivering insights from the market research on SAP operations innovation and trends ahead of 2021, Wednesday, October 28, 2020. For more information and to register, click here.