Oxford University apologises for building SNAFU

A senior professor at Oxford Uni has apologised for building works in a West Oxford street for its contractor’s “completely unacceptable” practices. Professor Roger Goodman, the warden of St Antony’s College and the Pro Vice Chancellor, sent a hand delivered message to residents of Mill Street, Russell Street and Barrett Street today.

Goodman said: “On Thursday, 23rd of February, Graham Construction undertook to remove a piece of equipment in Mill Street in a manner which was completely unacceptable and caused concern to the residents.” [See clip below]

Graham, the construction company employed by the university to rebuild the 1892 Oxford Power Station,  on behalf of the Said Business School, has already sent out a grovelling apology to some local residents.

Goodman  continued: “For this, I would like to apologise…I can now report that they [it, Ed.] have [has, Ed.] immediately put their [its, Ed.] rectification plan in action.”

Graham, he said, has assured him that it will ensure a traffic management plan will be followed in the future.

Professor Goodman pledged that vehicles will not mount footpaths, “are not left unattended, and the traffic is managed appropriately by the traffic marshals.”  There’s an Oxford comma in there, we noticed.

Professor Goodman said Osney residents – on both sides of the river – can email him directly at roger.goodman@sant.ox.ac.uk.

Meanwhile, local councillors are still backward in coming forward about the Mill Street SNAFU (situation normal, all fisked up). Ψ