Oxford councillors fail West Oxford residents

Yet a new set of dates for the closure of Oxford’s Botley Road has angered people in West Oxford with locals fed up by their political representatives.

Councillors Susanna Pressel, Luis Muddiman and MP Layla Moran, have so far not commented on the closure of the Botley Road, local constituents said.

Neither Muddiman nor Pressel have so far commented on the mess created last week by building firm GRAHAM (all caps), reported here.

The closure of the Botley Road is part of a Network Rail scheme to revamp the railway station but the dates for the closure have varied, depending on which way the wind blows.

Late last year the Botley Road was to be closed for a year but the dates have now changed, yet again.

Constituents commented on the failure of local politicans to engage with the community.

One said: “Would you ask NR/council how a disabled person who uses a tricycle which is very awkward to push for him, is supposed to get through the ‘tunnel’ if he has to dismount his trike. A trip he makes frequently.”

Local residents have also asked Muddiman and Pressel how elderly people are expected to get to central Oxford and whether deliveries, ambulance services and fire engines can negotiate the closure.

At press time, councillors haven’t commented on consultations with their constituents. There is a report on the supposed “dates” on the Oxford Mail. ψ

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