OutSystems strikes partnership deal with Amazon Web Services

OutSystems has entered into a multi-year strategic collaboration agreement (SCA) with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Under the deal, OutSystems promises to deliver deeper integration with AWS services in the OutSystems Cloud, allowing customers around the world to quickly put to work enhanced DevOps, data and analytics, artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML), and other AWS services in the applications that make a difference to their business.

For those who came in late, OutSystems is an application platform that helps customers build, run, and manage enterprise applications such as “customer experience transformation” – which we guess means making customers happy, workplace innovation, process optimisation, and application modernisation. The idea of the partnership is so that OutSystems and AWS provides customers with a better, more efficient way to move even the most complex, mission-critical software to the cloud.

In a statement the pair said: “With OutSystems and AWS, customers will not only be able to build applications quickly and easily, they can be confident those applications meet the most stringent requirements for scalability, reliability, availability, and security, and those applications will continuously adapt to any changing requirement of the business.”

OutSystems CEO Paulo Rosado, said: “OutSystems Cloud enables our customers to develop their applications faster and easier, while leveraging the advantages of AWS. We will continue to support our customer and developer communities by further investing and optimising our platform, as this Strategic Collaboration Agreement provides resources and commitment by both companies to stay focused on providing dramatically greater value.”

Amazon Web Services Head of Global Partner Organisation, Doug Yeum said: “We are delighted to continue our collaboration with OutSystems on augmenting their [sic]  cloud offering with the breadth and depth of AWS services in areas such as developer tools, data and analytics, and machine learning to provide our shared customers the ability to develop and run applications leveraging the scalability, security, and flexibility that AWS provides.”