One Distribution finds home on the RangeForce

Technology distributor One Distribution and RangeForce, have announced a partnership to broaden availability of the RangeForce platform in the UK and Ireland.

With legacy classroom security training fading and on-demand courses topping the list of cybersecurity implementation challenges, customers are craving real-world experiential and economical training for their cybersecurity and IT professionals.

RangeForce is a best-in-class SaaS cybersecurity training platform providing:

  • Continuous simulated learning via
  • In-depth, role-based learning paths specific to the core competencies of Security Operations,  DevOps, and Application Security personne;
  • Hands-on lessons based on the latest vulnerabilities and cyberattack methods.

One Distribution General Manager John Dams said: “Our enterprise customers are looking to reduce the costs of training as well as increase cyber incident detection and reduce the need to have critical staffers off-site at training. These are all factors in driving newer cloud-based, on-demand cybersecurity training platforms to the forefront as a significant focus of technology investment.

“RangeForce provides its entire training platform as a single SaaS solution — including 130+ training modules and a highly effective cyber range that has been battle-tested by major banks and technology firms across the UK and Ireland.”

RangeForce Director of EMEA Rupert Collier said: “Cloud-based cyberskills platforms are disrupting security training because legacy approaches can’t provide the highly realistic, hands-on exposure needed to prepare the workforce for real-world cyber attacks and vulnerabilities. A key feature of the RangeForce platform is the ability to provide proof through quantitative benchmarking CISOs and boards demand. We’re thrilled to be working with One Distribution. They’re a team I know well, with a proven record of helping customers solve security challenges and build cyber resilience in enterprises across the region.”