Nutanix UK and European staff will be hit by coronavirus cutbacks

Nutanix has confirmed it has asked non-US staff to take two weeks’ voluntary unpaid leave as part of wider actions to minimise the fallout from COVID-19.

In the US the outfit has ‘furloughed’ more than 1,400 US staff – which is a quarter of its workforce.

Nutanix said that it has asked staff outside the US to take a total of two weeks of voluntary unpaid leave during the same time period.

Nutanix’s share price crashed in late February as CEO Dheeraj Pandey attributed underwhelming second quarter results to the “murky” environment caused by the pandemic, reasoning it doubled down on when explaining its current actions.

“Like many companies in today’s COVID-19 economic environment, we’re taking proactive steps to help minimize the long-term impact on our global team members and our customers”, Nutanix stated.

Nutanix also took umbrage at the press coverage of its cost-cutting actions, claiming several outlets had “inaccurately” characterised the furloughs as layoffs.

“Furloughed US staff, as well as staff outside the US who voluntarily take unpaid leave, will maintain their benefits and employment status with Nutanix while on furlough/unpaid leave”, the company said.