Number of women tech CEOs falls

The numbers of female CEOs running Fortune 500 tech companies have sharply declined over the last five years.

Cloud talent creation firm Revolent added up some numbers and divided by its shoe size and found that only seven percent of CEOs of tech companies in 2016’s Fortune 500 identified as female.  This fell to just 4.41 percent in 2021 – a 14 percent decrease during the five-year time frame.

The research also found that none of the female tech CEOs in either 2016’s or 2021’s Fortune 500 list were founders of their company.

With just 2.8 percent of funding in 2019 going to women-led start-ups, a lack of investment in female entrepreneurs remains one of the biggest factors limiting the number of female chief executives in the industry.

Despite the research, some of the largest players in the channel appointed female leaders last year. For example, software licensing giant Crayon named Melissa Mullholland as its permanent CEO in August and Dell former channel boss Joyce Mullen became Insight’s new CEO.