Nazca’s Sales Process Development Platform promises enlightenment

Applications are now being accepted to join the beta programme Nazca’s Sales Process Development Platform which claims to help “humanistic sales organisations” better reflect the needs of people in sales engagements and usher in a new age of “sales enlightenment.”

Treve Wearne, CEO and Founder of Nazca Services said: “Over time, however, sales organisations have become increasingly inhuman – dominated by processes, targets and technology. The gap between what buyers need and how the sales organisations that they engage with respond has widened to the point where it risks real damage – to salespeople, to the people who lead and manage them, to the relationships with buyers and, as a consequence, to the businesses who need sales to thrive and grow.

It is inviting outfits to join its  beta programme, as it”marched towards a new age of sales enlightenment where the human (seller and buyer) is placed firmly at the centre of sales organisations and where their emotional drivers, engagements, wellbeing and happiness are the primary concern.”

We tried to get some information from amongst the self-congratulatory press release about what this sales platform actually did and the closest was this: “It improves forecast accuracy by delivering the insights businesses need to better understand and manage what is happening in sales processes and pipelines. This enables sales teams to view deals objectively, earn trust and deliver value to consistently maintain success in the sales process.”

There is a ‘My Scorecards’ feature can integrate with Salesforce, Oracle Netsuite, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot, Sugar CRM, or any other Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and guides sales reps on the conversations required to manage sales engagements, maintain an accurate sales forecast, foster value-based selling, and increase sales values to achieve their sales quota targets. Meanwhile, the ‘My Training Space’ self-learning area helps sales reps to improve their solution sales skills, at their own pace.”

Organisations accepted on to the beta programme by signing up here will receive a substantially discounted rate for their first year of use.