MSPs struck gold during coronavirus crisis

MSPs have found that the coronavirus crisis was a chance to prove value and deepen customer relationships.

According to BitTitans’ Grady Gausman, while the coronavirus created challenging times, MSPs can play a vital role in helping companies maintain business continuity and adapt to new realities. Many companies are in need of implementing a plan for large-scale remote operations, and for that they’re turning to MSPs.

He said that the problem was that the market was crowded and what helped differentiate partners was being proactive in addressing the challenges of those working or learning from home long term.

Partners that are able to empathise with their customer base and understand the unique challenges facing them are in a better position to design technology solutions that support operations during this tough time. he said.

BitTitan’s own  partners were placing strategic bets on services, security and software, all of which are moving to the cloud. Some of the most profitable services from MSPs are software-as-a-service [SaaS], networking, cyber security and business continuity. These services have only grown in importance since people began working remotely on a large scale. Continue to prioritise these in your organisation’s service offerings.

By thinking long term rather than the next 30 to 60 days MSPs have worked out that remote learning and working scenarios aren’t going away tomorrow. Hence the changes a business makes to adapt in this new world need to be sustainable for months or years, rather than a quick fix to get them close to “normal”.