MSPs are cybercriminal’s targets

IT security solutions provider N-able claims that MSPs were “quickly overtaking their customers as a primary target for cybercriminals”.

Almost 90 percent of MSPs surveyed in its State of the Market: The New Threat Landscape report had suffered a cyberattack in the last 18 months.

The report claims that the number of attacks MSPs are preventing has almost doubled over that period – from six to 11.

N-able chief security officer Dave MacKinnon said:”MSPs have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to ensure that the businesses they support can stay online and connected as circumstances changed.┬áBut the cybercriminals they’re protecting against are working equally as hard to make use of these shifts against their targets.”

He said MSPs need to understand how the threat landscape continues to evolve and make the changes needed to protect their customers and themselves and make the most of the enormous opportunity that enhancing security provides.

500 participants across the US and Europe were surveyed by an independent research team about their security experiences before the COVID-19 pandemic and today to discover what had changed.

It also found that 82 percent of MSPs had seen attacks on their customers rise.

Meanwhile, more than half of MSPs said that financial loss and business disruption resulted after a cyberattack, and many said they have lost business (46 percent), suffered reputational effects (45 percent), and had seen their customers suffer a loss of trust (28 percent).