Most companies cannot cope with cloud security threats

Nearly 90 percent of organisations cannot detect and respond to security threats across their cloud environments, a new study has found.

Cloudy provider Aptum surveyed 400 senior IT professionals from organisations with at least 250 staff across the UK, Canada and the US and foundĀ 86 percent of respondents said their organisation has adopted a hybrid cloud or multi-cloud model, partly driven by remote working during the pandemic, with workloads spread across cloud and non-cloud infrastructures.

This has left IT professionals with new cybersecurity concerns, with 90 percent claiming that they lack a clear mechanism to detect and respond to security threats across their IT environments.

Another 90 pe cent also said that the are lacking the ability to control and govern access to their cloud environments as well as the ability to meet compliance requirements.

VP of product strategy at Aptum, Marvin Sharp, said hybrid environments inevitably put customers at risk.

“Businesses use different environments for different purposes. A platform for application development and another as a production site, for example. That’s where you achieve the benefits of a hybrid cloud environment”, he said.

“But moving workloads between the two environments puts data at risk. Therefore, in a hybrid work environment, organisations need to consider securing point A and point B, as well as the movement of data between them.”

According to the study, more than half of businesses believe that cloud transformation has had a positive impact on data governance, with 50 percent citing efficiency as a key reason for moving to the cloud.