Microsoft Teams goes boom in so many different ways

Microsoft Teams’ daily users figure is up to 44 million, having rocketed more than 37 percent since last week, the vendor has said. This is despite some outages which managed to hack many users off at the beginning of the week.

Vole said that the user count last Wednesday was 32 million, but 12 million have since been added. The total figure is up from the 20 million reported in November last year.

Microsoft VP Jared Spataro said that the COVID-19 outbreak will be “a turning point for the way people will work and learn. Our customers have certainly turned to Teams during this challenging time, and we’ve seen usage spikes in markets most impacted by COVID-19.”

CEO Satya Nadella said that the data being gathered by Microsoft will help shape how modern workplaces will unfold.

“There’s going to be really a fundamental structural change in how we transcend some of these geographic boundaries.”

Vole’s rival in this space, Slack, reported a surge in demand last week, but its tentative outlook spooked investors and sent its share price plummeting.

Microsoft last year reportedly banned its employees from using various forms of Slacks tech, claiming its security was pants.