Micron supplying tech to Huawei

US chip manufacturer Micron Technologies has been granted licences to supply some of its products to Huawei providing good news for both.

Micron has been struggling due to a slowing memory market, as well as the ongoing US-China trade disputes while Huawei has been under US pressure for alleged security reasons.

The market has struggled since Washington’s decision to place Huawei, Micron’s largest customer, on an “entity list” in May due to national security concerns – effectively preventing US manufacturers from supplying to it. Huawei has always maintained that its products pose a risk to US security, while a number of US companies have criticised the move due to the impact on their revenue.

Last month, the US began resuming licences to allow businesses to ship to Huawei, with Micron now revealing it has been awarded all those it had requested.

“We applied for, and recently received all requested licenses that enable us to provide support for certain products… as well as qualify new products for Huawei’s mobile and server businesses”, Micron said.