Maintel outsources 65,000 tech device to another

Maintel has outsourced its inventory management and stock ownership to Agilitas.

The deal will see the cloud and managed comms provider outsource its hardware infrastructure using an as-a-service model.

Agilitas will manage the contract for five years through a “fully flexible service” that can be scaled up and down according to its requirements.

The service will include engineering resources, multi-vendor tech spares to support customers and nationwide storage and distribution of all project stock.

Agilitas CEO Shaun Lynn said: “Automation is at the heart of modern inventory management and working with Maintel represents its transformative power to drive operational efficiency at scale. We are incredibly proud of the strong progression and success that the Maintel team is already seeing through this strategic partnership. We look forward to continuing our high-quality service that supports its customers and growth objectives.”

Maintel operations director Gillian Bailey said: “The transition to Agilitas was well planned, managed and executed. Even when we had the inevitable teething problems in early life, they came to the table with realistic solutions and a ‘can-do’ attitude. Our customers have undoubtedly benefited from this partnership – we were ‘OK’ at logistics before the outsourcing but lacked automation and a general logistics know-how. However, now that we are working with Agilitas, we can see what a real logistics organisation can do in terms of systems, processes, spare profiling and logistics best practice.”