Logicalis snaps up Q

Logicalis has acquired Q Associates as part of a cunning plan to expand its Microsoft and data-centric IT service capabilities across the UK.

Other than being a Star Trek villain, Q is a NetApp, Cisco and Lenovo partner providing tech to UK universities, research councils, government security services, Home Office departments and commercial clients.

The company has its headquarter in Newbury with regional offices in London, Manchester and Newcastle as well as a Microsoft technical delivery team in Zimbabwe.

Logicalis claims the deal adds “complementary capabilities to its UKI’s core expertise in digital infrastructure, networking and cloud”.

The company said: “This announcement (Q Associates) shows our commitment to being at the top table in the UKI partner market and customer landscape, especially around the Higher Education and Government Secured Services sectors.”

Andrew Griffiths, business development director of Q Associates, said: “We are extremely proud of the achievements of Q Associates with strong values around technical excellence and customer satisfaction.

“This acquisition is a natural fit for both organisations and will provide clear benefits to our customers through the extended capability and reach of Logicalis. I am very excited by this next stage in our evolution.”