Lenovo moved production outside China

Lenovo CEO Yuanqing Yang said his outfit had moved production outside China to other areas to keep the flow of devices running after the country was crippled by the coronavirus.

In a statement Yang said that he had been amazed at the dedication his teams have shown to keeping its partners and customers informed and ensuring its operations are running as smoothly as possible.

Yang said he was not surprised, because he had seen teams pull together and deliver for customers in many difficult situations.

“When our factories in China were closed for a number of weeks, our supply chain team rallied to look at how we could use our global footprint of 30-plus manufacturing sites to adjust capacity and rebalance production.¬†Although the China factory closures caused a short-term impact on production and supply, we were able to minimise this as much as possible. As demand ramps up for home working technology and solutions, I’m seeing teams be creative about how they can quickly support customers around the world who are changing their work practices and prioritising customers that are at the front line of dealing with the coronavirus situation.”

Yang called the global pandemic an “unprecedented challenge” and said that Lenovo is prioritising customers that are on the “front line of dealing with the coronavirus situation”.