Kaspersky warns that it is not time for a new cunning plan

Security outfit Kaspersky has reminded its channel to focus on helping customers through the current crisis rather than doing anything new and clever.

Kaspersky  deputy vice-president, global sales network, director of European operations, Chris Connell, said that in challenging times, when customers are reluctant to discuss major changes or replacement strategies for their cyber security infrastructure, it’s really important to understand their situations and be flexible in addressing how the channel can help.

One of the messages during coronavirus has been to encourage resellers to deepen their focus on the existing customer base, given the benefits of having an established relationship and the difficulties of reaching out to fresh prospects.

Connell said that this is not the time to start encouraging users into embarking on grand strategies.

“We all understand that now is not the time to jump to new strategies or consider more comprehensive replacements, but rather to look into optimisation of the existing installed base and protection layers, and understand specific business needs first. This is where our specialisations for partners can be not only be helpful, but also offer additional value for partners and their customers at the same time”, Connell said.

The vendor has been supporting partners through the crisis and has added more flexibility into how the channel can access marketing development funds, redefining its rebates and increasing support for digital marketing.