Kaspersky says the channel needs some education

Kaspersky’s UK SMB boss of the channel, Andy Bogdan, said that the channel is evolving and vendors must answer partners’ calls for education and empowerment

Bogdan said that those that do not adapt to changing market demands will struggle as long-term success now, more than ever, depends on value-added services and insights as well as products.

“Channel partners are calling for education, knowledge and insight – and vendors would be wise to listen, given that eight in 10 UK distributors and resellers prefer to work with those that provide training and education”, Bogdan said.

Resellers and distributors no longer want to simply sell a vendor’s products; increasingly, they want to be an authority on the subject themselves, so they can advise the businesses they are working with.

“More than 86 percent of UK resellers and distributors say it is important they receive guidance from the vendors on the products they are selling, so that they can more effectively close business leads. This proves it’s very much in vendors’ interests to equip them with as much information as possible – and it’s especially vital for them to do so in light of the growing threat landscape”, Bogdan  said.