Indra partners with ElectriX to supply home charging

EV outfit Indra has partnered with ElectriX to be its exclusive home charging supplier.

For those not in the know, ElectriX offers electric vehicle leasing and insurance, as well as an Indra home charging package.

Home charging is a key element of growing the UK’s EV infrastructure, allowing owners of electric cars to charge when their vehicles aren’t in use.

Indra’s Smart PRO charger lets EV drivers charge their cars when electricity is cheapest by avoiding peak electricity demand and enabling agile tariff customers to take advantage of off-peak or EV energy tariffs. 

The charger incorporates a number of advanced features, including a personal charging schedule, solar compatibility, automatic software updates and home fuse protection.

Indra’s Chief Commercial Officer Leighton King said: “We are delighted to begin this new partnership with ElectriX; it’s a great endorsement of our best-in-class end-to-end EV charging service, as well as our Smart PRO chargers’ reputation as the leading home charging product on the market. Indra’s technology sets high standards in sustainability, safety, ease of use and innovation and, with unbeaten reliability, our high-quality EV chargers are not only smart for customers but deliver maximum results for the grid and minimum impact on the environment. Our product will play a key role in demonstrating how easy and convenient EV ownership can be, which is a natural fit with the ElectriX customer-centric philosophy.”

An ElectriX spokesperson said: “We selected Indra based on their best-in-class products, focus on customer service and green business values. We want to deliver a fantastic experience for our customers and our partnership with Indra will help us achieve this ambition.”