IBM wants 12 years experience on six year old software

IBM has put out a job advert calling for a candidate with over 12 years of experience with Kubernetes administration and management.

But Kubernetes  has only been out there for six years, so unless Biggish Blue wants time travellers getting the experience is going to be tricky.

The advertisement, which is still live, calls for a “minimum” of 12 years experience in Kubernetes, including “hands-on” experience setting up Kubernetes platforms, deploying microservices and other web applications and managing secure secrets along with container orchestration.

It requires someone to have earned at least six years experience before the first GitHub post about the project was made on 7 June 2014.

As the Twitter account ‘Really Bad Job Ads’ shows, it’s very common to make typos or strange syntactical errors in job ads, but nothing on its feed comes close to a giant tech company getting in a muddle over new technology.

To be fair, Big Blue is not the only one to make cock ups like this.  Developer Sebastián Ramírez pointed out on Twitter that he applied for a role that asked for over four years of experience using FastAPIs, but Ramírez knew all too well at the time that no one could have more than one and a half years experience of it because he created it.  App designer Jens Ravens was once told he didn’t have enough experience with a certain iOS library during an interview, despite the fact he developed it.