Hybrid working could be a channel answer

Hybrid working could be the new abnormal for work channel work places, spaces and culture, according to a report from Poly.

Darrius Jones, executive vice-president and chief strategy officer at Poly said the unfortunate circumstances experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic were an opportunity for businesses to challenge current thinking and shape a new future of work.

“The next normal is all about hybrid working moving to the mainstream as we respond, redesign and reinvent – flexible working across multiple locations, with immersive, productive workspaces that accommodate the working style of every employee”, he added.

In many respects, the coronavirus has accelerated trends that were already there but forced many people to re-assess their approach to work given the extreme restrictions on travel, spending time in shared office space, visiting customers and attending events.

Tom Cheesewright, applied prophet and contributor to the Poly report, said that even before the virus arrived, the nature of work was changing because businesses were changing.

“Today, few can claim that the technology is a barrier to changing practices, but the lockdown has highlighted the need for investment into the cultural and behavioural components of flexible work. The future is a flexible working environment that caters to the needs of all employees, giving them the most fulfilling work experience and in return allowing them to maximise the value they return to the organisation”, he said.

The Poly report covered ideas around the design of future workspaces, the prospect of office towers changing their functions and the need to manage cultural changes and make sure teams are diverse and inclusive.

“Technology has a big role to play in creating the next normal, powering new workflows between people and places and enabling seamless communication and collaboration so virtual teams are motivated and engaged”, said Jones. “If we respond, redesign and reinvent, we can meet challenges head-on and constantly evolve with any changes we may face.”