HPE needs a new channel boss

Former maker of expensive printer ink, HPE, is looking for a new worldwide channel boss after the exit of the firm’s Dan Belanger.

The decision by Belanger, who has been with the vendor for 30 years was unexpected and led to a reshuffle that has seen Paul Hunter leave his channel role and step into Belanger’s shoes as North American manager.

A blog post from Heiko Meyer, chief sales officer at HPE had that Hunter had  consistently demonstrated a keen awareness of customer needs, effective leadership skills, and the drive to push for better.

“Most recently, he served as the worldwide head of partner sales, embracing our value of ‘partner first’, exemplifying our culture, and helping our partners see the opportunity in our edge-to-cloud strategy.”

Hunter’s recent focus has been on growing channel sales around the GreenLake and Meyer pointed to the 700 partners selling the technology as evidence of success on that front.

“His experience in moving partners from a transactional to a more strategic business outcome model is our future,” he said. “He is well-prepared to drive value for our customers, partners and sales teams, and I am confident in his ability to drive our business forward.”

HPE is now on the hunt for a replacement to step into the worldwide channel chief’s role.