HP extends Amplify programme

HP is extending its Amplify programme to encourage partners to increase diversity and inclusion to make a positive difference.

HPs chief commercial officer Christoph Schell said that HP was asking if we can help drive sustainability and corporate impact in everything partners do.

The outfit’s Amplify Impact programme, focuses on the planet, people and community and HP wants to extend it with a programme called Impact.

“It is the first industry programme that helps partners to assess and train them in a meaningful way around how they can have an impact on diversifying the channel ecosystem. “We believe it is a very bold change for our industry and a change that is overdue”, Schell  said.

HP is setting an ambitious target to get half or more of the global partner community signed up to Amplify Impact by 2025.

“We strongly believe that companies who continue to invest and focus on sustainability, diversity and inclusion will be better positioned for growth and renewal in the years to come,” said Schell.

Reinvent launches products and services that give resellers the opportunity to pitch solutions that will improve the lives of people in the current situation with remote working, offering an extension of instant ink to cover toners and business support for home workers.

“The changes we have been seeing in the last five or six months have been the changes that we thought would happen in five or six years,” he said. “So a lot of the moves and the trends that we have been predicting have been accelerated through Covid-19. It’s an exciting time for HP and for our channel network”, Schell said.