Highgate IT Solutions trials four day working week

Highgate IT Solutions is trialling a four-day working week, which means that it will be one of the first in the UK channel to try the idea.

Highgate IT sales director Bob Sahota said the trial will run for three months starting this April. It if works, the company will move to a four-day working week permanently.

It will work using a “buddy system” in which staff pair up and work on alternating days to cover each other when they are off.

The reseller employed 12 staff as of the end of last year but has hired six new members this year who will join over the next three months.  All its staff are remote working.

The trial will be split into three “phases”, with each phase lasting one month. In phase one, staff will take an extra day off on either Tuesdays or Thursdays, while phase two will trial a “long weekend” model in which staff are on leave either Fridays or Mondays.

The company will adopt a variation of whichever model of the two worked best for the third month of the trial, Sahota said.

The idea is entirely voluntary and staff can continue to work five days a week if they wish to. The move will not have any impact on salaries for any staff, Sahota said, and all employees will still be entitled to their full 28 days of holiday allowance each year.