Google Glass saved by Intel

spexIt looks as though Google Glass will have a fresh leash of life after it has emerged Intel is to get involved in the project.

Reports recently suggested that Glass was on its last gasp, with several employees leaving Google to spend more time with their families.

But, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Intel is going to take an active role in future development of the spectacles.

Firstly, a Texas Instrument chip will disappear from the frame to be replaced with an Intel device based on its Quark X86 technology.

And Intel, which is now a firm believer in the concept of electronic “wearables”, will do some selling and promotion of Google Glass to manufacturers, the healthcare industry and other vertical sectors, said the Journal.

The report said the next version of Glass will have a better battery life and probably more memory.

Intel has had a chequered career in any products outside its core X86 PC business, and was very late to the game in the mobile and tablet markets.