Google Cloud changes its prices

Google Cloud has changed its prices to allow “more flexibility for customers” which basically means low-cost options for some but increases for others.

The main changes will come to Google’s cloud storage pricing for data mobility, including replication of data written to a dual- or multi-region storage bucket, and inter-region data access.

It will also include the introduction of a new lower-cost archive snapshot option for Persistent Disk (PD), new outbound data processing pricing for cloud load balancing and new pricing for network topology.

The pricing changes are due to come into effect on 1 October this year.

Writing on the company bog, a spokesGoogle said: “We are announcing we will adjust our infrastructure product and pricing structure to give customers more choice in how they pay for what they use alongside new, flexible SKUs with new product options and capabilities. These changes are designed to help ensure better product fit for our customers’ use cases across a wider array of workloads.”

“They are also designed to better align with how other leading cloud providers charge for similar products, so customers can more easily compare services between leading cloud providers. Some of these changes will provide new, lower-cost options and features for Google Cloud products. Other changes will raise prices on certain products. Ultimately, our goal is to provide more flexible pricing models and options for how customers are using our cloud services.”

The vendor admits that “some customers may see an increase in their bills” although since some services will “better align with usage, which could lower some customers’ bills”.

Customers have been sent a six-month notice for the changes, while those under existing commit contracts with a floating or fixed discount will not face any changes until renewal.