Fujitsu signs security deal with Thales

Fujitsu has inked a deal with Thales to integrate the security firm’s cloud and encryption services into its own portfolio.

Thales’ Cloud Hardware Security Modules (HSM) and Key Management services will be adopted by the Japanese tech firm, with a view to bolstering its public key infrastructure (PKI) based services.

The security company’s Cloud HSM service, Data Protection on Demand, will be used by Fujitsu within its core security infrastructure in order to provide businesses with a more secure key management service.

Fujitsu said that Thales technology was needed to raise the level of security in its existing customers’ infrastructure and to remain compliant with regulations.

The security firm’s Cloud HSM service offered a cost-effective way to provide customers access to a Microsoft certification authority-based PKI regime.

The partnership has also been strengthened with the launch of an enterprise data encryption service that uses Thales’ key management platform. The companies claim this platform ensures effective compliance with data protection legislation while offering a secure means of encrypting sensitive business data.

This service will form part of Fujitsu’s Data Protection suite of services.