Flexible resourcing could plug the IT skills gap

CANCOM UK  Chief Technology Officer Mark Skelton thinks that flexible resourcing could be the way to fix a skills gap which has worsened since the arrival of  COVID-19.

He said that nine in 10 (88 percent) of organisations admit they have a shortage of digital skills, which is already having a significant negative impact on productivity, efficiency and competitiveness.

Skelton said that the skills gap isn’t complex to comprehend; organisations are understaffed to deal with the demands they are faced with. Moreover, they often don’t have the time to allocate to train staff and keep up to date with all the new tech, on top of looking for new employees to remedy the situation with permanent manpower.

“Flexible resourcing is a signal towards future IT. Its flexibility from an operational and budgetary standpoint is, of course, more pronounced at this volatile time, but the rationale remains the same in any scenario”, he said.

Skelton reasons why take an expenditure gamble on one set of skills for a range of unforeseen projects and situations; when you can expend less on a range of skills tailored to each situation as it arises?

As a result of the inherent risks, and organisations’ revised financing models after a tough year, many are realising they can cover the costs of external services, such as flexible resourcing, much more efficiently than hiring a new full-time employee, he said.