Firms pushed to digital transformation programmes says Dell

Dell Technologies released results from a global study that shows organisations are shifting their digital transformation programmes into high gear and are on the path to accomplish in a few months what would normally have taken them years.

The findings, updated biennially in the Dell Technologies’ Digital Transformation Index (DT Index), indicate organisations are accelerating transformational technology programmes during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

In one of the first global studies to measure business behaviour because of the pandemic, Dell’s 2020 Index found that 72 percent of UK organisations have fast-tracked some digital transformation programmes this year. This is compared to 80 percent globally and 75 percent across Europe. In addition, 72 percent of UK organisations are re-inventing their business model.

The DT Index is a global benchmark indicating organisations’ status of digital transformation and their performance across the globe. The survey included 4,300 business leaders (C-suite to Director) from mid-size to enterprise companies across 18 countries.

This year’s results sets the number of UK Digital Leaders (the most digitally mature organisation) to five percent. Digital Adopters (the second most digitally mature group) has grown from 22 percent in 2018 to 32 percent in 2020 – a 10-percentage point increase.

The DT Index also records a modest drop since 2018 in the number of Digital Laggards (the least digitally mature group) by one percentage point, and a steep fall in the second to last group, Digital Followers, by 17-percentage points. These organisations are moving up, into the Digital Adopter and Digital Evaluator groups, which have expanded in tandem.

Dell CEO Michael Dell said the figures gave a glimpse of the future.

“Organisations that are accelerating their digital transformation now will be poised for success in the Data Era that is unfolding before our eyes”, he said.