FBI investigates Gamergate

untouchablesThe FBI has confirmed that it has opened an investigation related to the #Gamergate campaign, which had rapidly turned from a debate about “journalistic ethics in the gaming software world” to a hate campaign against women.

The bureau stated that, while they have documents related to the loose coalition of Gamergate those files are part of an ongoing investigation, and release “would interfere with law enforcement proceedings.” Who or what is being investigated remains is unknown.

A number of individuals, including Anita Sarkeesian and Brianna Wu, have reported death threats after being targeted by Gamergate.

This will be bad news for the hackers and script kiddies who thought that they would be allowed to cyber stalk women and threaten to kill them without any reaction from the police. It is also a bit embarrassing for those who thought that #Gamergate was not illegal and the negative response was just the ranting of a few women who were trying to stop them playing games and go outside.

Although how it could justify DDOSing a disabled charity  is anyone’s guess.