Facebook thinks about dislike button

Mark Zuckerberg - WikimedaPeople have asked for a dislike button on Facebook for quite some time, but now it looks as if founder Mark Zuckerberg has given the thumbs up to the idea.

The BBC reports that Zuckerberg, speaking in a conference at California, said the thumbs down feature was the most requested feature that Facebook gets.

If Facebook implements it, that means that when somebody is going through a tough patch they won’t have to “like” iit, like they currently do.

But Zuckerberg has some concerns and doesn’t want people to use it to diss people’s posts, the BBC said.

Zuckerberg wants Facebook users to be able to express a wider range of emotions.

One of the obstacles is that Facebooks revenue model is based on advertising. Large brand names mostly have Facebook pages and the last think Zuckerberg would want to see is tens of thousands of people disliking soda or candy.