Expect everything by subscription

The decoupling of hardware and software is going to drive a move towards subscriptions according to Dave Locke, chief technology adviser at WWT.

Locke said that the divorce of hardware and software is breaking down traditional upgrade cycles and allowing for businesses to make more flexible investments in commoditised hardware, choosing the right tools for their needs.

He said that the trend of ‘whitebox hardware’ will drive demand for software subscription services throughout 2021.

“Software subscriptions satisfy both financial and technology leaders. Technologists can keep up to date with the latest tech without needing to upgrade hardware, and agreeing to a fixed price over time is financially advantageous as it safeguards businesses from fluctuations in purchase price costs.”

Apparently, some of this has been driven by the pandemic which has forced the “evolution” of IT and a move towards a subscription- and consumption-based economy.

“Everything-as-a-service’ models will require partners to reinvent themselves in this new reality and adopt new economic business terms, to offer flexible consumption and subscription options for the customers.”