Dell’s Apex gets data storage services

Dell has given its Apex platform partners data storage services to play with which it claims will give them an opportunity to earn new referral incentives.

Data storage services will now be available to partners and customers in the UK through its as-a-service platform Apex.

The portfolio of storage resources is deployable on-premises or in a secure Dell-managed Equinix datacentre. Punters will pay for the storage capacity they use and can scale at the service level they need.

Organisations can select from three performance tiers available in one or three-year terms through the APEX console, with base capacity options starting as low as 50 terabytes.

Customers can monitor capacity, performance and usage costs and update their subscriptions.

Dell Technologies solution providers and storage authorised distributors in the UK can earn incentives when selling these solutions on a referral basis, while cloud service provider partners also can host enhanced APEX Data Storage Services on behalf of customers.